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From Iran with Love

Perhaps a new addition to the chronology of drama between Iran and the USA; yesterday Mr. Ahmadinejad sent a tome of a letter to Mr. Bush. In this letter Ahmadinejad urges his "Excellency (Bush)" whom he has been made aware follows the teachings of Jesus and believes in the divine promise of the rule of the righteous on Earth; to join the globally increasing masses flocking toward a main focal point -- that is the Almighty God!

These two Neanderthals who have both managed by different criminal means to obtain the post of presidency in their respective nations have taken bullshit to a whole new playing field. In his magnum opus love letter Ahmadinejad claims to have addressed the will, thoughts, and desires of the Iranian people. I feel sorry for any thick Iranian who believes that an ounce of truth may be attributed to this fanatic. At the end of the day Ahmadinejad and George Bush Jr. are one and the same overenthusiastic mind occupying different men. They are both fanatics.

If George Jr. and Mahmmud did not share the same self-doubt and delusions of grandiosity, the latter would have never mustered the courage to write a letter to his American counter part. This behavior is tactless diplomacy by grown men who claim to work for greater humanity. Aside from the political farce it serves, writing such a lofty letter with no solid or immediate point is merely analogous to sixteen years old boy confessing his love to the girl of his dream and stopping short of asking her out on a date! It is down right childish! In that case Mahmmud would be better off masturbating to Georges ravings about his Super-Powered manhood.
The fact of the matter is that with time two cultures are being destroyed. America is rotten from the inside and under pressure from dwindling resources in nearly every necessity for self sustenance. Iran is uprooting a culture of ages through the misdeeds of a ruthless, motherless theocracy. This letter and these men only submit the peoples they claim to represent to abject.
Frankly, the sooner Mahmmud ignites his A-bomb and joins the Shiite demigod Mehdi and George finds Jesus in the bottom of a bottle of Southern Comfort the sooner we all might see an end to fanatical Islamo-Christian shenanigans. But then off course a lot of 'Very-Important-People' would be homeless and unemployed.


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