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June 02, 2006

Mahmoud In Nuremburg

Scratching his head

United Press International reports that German officials have yet to recieve word on whether Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to go to Nuremburg to watch the Iranian national team play in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. As you might know Nuremburg during Hitlers reign was a major shrine for National Socialists who held who held their annual party congresses nearby from 1933 through 1938. The city became a center of anti-Semitic propaganda, including the famous Nuremberg rallies captured in Leni Riefenstahl's 1934 film Triumph of the Will.
Rumor has it that Mahmoud is currently occupied assembling a team of Holocaust experts armed with forensics briefcases for the purposes of conducting scientific research that will conclusively put an end to Isreal. Amongst the inventory of cutting edge equipment members of this high-level team will be putting to use in pursuit of the truth this summer are; tweazers, magnifying glasses, latex gloves, infra-red flash lights, soap, tank-tops, walnuts & goat cheese, and fresh basil. It is also said that Mahmoud also intends to document his trip to Nuremburg in order to learn and examine the soul of Christianity while in the heartland of Europe. With the knowledge gained he will soon pen the Gospels of Ahmadinejad in order to recapitulate righteousness for lost Christians souls in the World. Hand written versions of the Gospels of Ahmadinejad in No. 8B graphite are expected in every major book vendor in Qom , Abadan, and large rural areas where the Iranian government is pushing empowerment through knowledge.
Europeans and their American counterparts are eagerly looking forward to his Highness' visit to the continent. Europe and the United States have reportedly set up a joint operations room to deal with the Iranian delegations.

June 01, 2006


Much to my dismay I learned this morning that the Pirate Bay, the Sweden based torrent tracker service was raided by police brandishing breach of copyright warrant(s). The Los Angeles Times reports
Sweden Pulls the Plug on Pirate Bay
The website was known to enable illegal copying. The U.S. movie industry praises the action.

According to Wired News the recent crack down on Pirate Bay is the culmination of six years of cooperation between the Motion Picture Association of America & the US government pressuring the Swedes. Apparently the Bay has been number 1 on the MPAA hit list for years along with torrentSpy. As entertainment scoundrels scramble to swindle consumers through every avenue of business, cyber-pirates have managed to turn the table on industry by swarming virtually $6.1 billion in booty. Actually the case against The Bay appears to pose a great challenge to Swedish courts in light of the nation’s lax copyright laws and technical details behind the BitTorrent system. The system was originally conceived by academics interested in modeling Economic models. Ironically it is now used by the people for the people to irritate greedy entertainers, agents, and suits who perpetually infest and feed of the Economy.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo
As long as infantile or biased ideas about democracy hang around and evolve, a free Internet will be the status quo and till that time ends file sharing is here to stay.
The fact of the matter is that very few, if any, pop artists or persons involved with pop culture are starving or homeless. God nor dreams has anything to do with artists being recognized for their work, recieving Grammys or Oscars. We the people do, and they know it. We work too long and too God damn hard to come home at the end of the day to learn that the Douglas's recieved $275,000 for a picture of the couple with baby outside the home, or People Magazine gave Britney Spears a rediculous sum for an intimate look into her dysfunctional marriage, or PDiddy putting a diamond crusted chalice next to his high school diploma on the mantle in his too-fucking big mansion. Alright, the PDiddy scenario is diversion, but the case of the dulst Rap star 50 cent is not. I've always wondered whether some of these uneducated Hustlers & Pimps realize that the diamonds they floss with comes from criminal activities that make digital piracy look like childs play.
For the masses of hopeless consumers who cannot muster the conscious effort to make a choice without input from a style guru, lifestyle expert, player, or pimp; for the silent majority, loud minority and everyone in between the philosophy is very simple: if you got the know-how get hour hands on it, if you like it buy it. Once the people who make a living off of telling you what to buy, eat, shit, and drink realize your will to make a consicous choice they will have to change their behaviors. Believe me Paris Hilton is rich enough from her inheritance, she doesn't deserve any more from your salary!