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September 08, 2006


"Language is the house of being, which is propriated by being and pervaded by being"
Heidegger, Martin

"... the fact that we have a world at all depends upon [language] and presents itself in it. The world as world exists for man as for no other creature in the world."
Gadamer, Hans G.

September 01, 2006

Neocon Vs. Neocon

Today Iran has ignored once again another UN passed resolution deadline for ending uranium enrichment which Tehran maintains is a necessary and sovereign right of the Iranian nation's nuclear ambitions.
Surprise, surprise! For the first time in roughly two years of diverse news coverage of drama between Washington & Tehran the Irish Scotsman describes the unfolding story in the appropriate context. That of hostility and arrogance passed to and fro the respective neo-conservative regimes. In well informed circles in the United States it is known that the neocon movement is the culmination of Straussian political philosophy and reactions of conniving e.g. Donald Rumsfeld, conservative politician to liberalism. Beginning in the 1960's a similar reaction to liberalism took hold in Egypt inspired by Saeed Kotub, whose Jihadist ideology paved the way for militant Islamists like Aymen Zwahari. The premise of the neocon movements was to lead their populous out of what Strauss & Kotub deemed the rippling clutches of liberalism. The means by which the different schools of neoconservatives managed to establish their brands of governance was based on targeted propaganda and violence aimed at propagating social myths, fears, and tensions.

Myths playing a critical role in the tragedy between Tehran & Washington are that of the nation and of providence.
In both countries nationalism serves as the catalyst the government uses to meet their political agenda. And above all others the goal of the theocracy in Tehran and the capitalists in Washington is indefinite power.
Recently high ranking members of the government have stepped up their campaign for a nuclear Iran in response to intense International pressure on permanent suspension of uranium enrichment. While Iranian academics with valid US visas attending their annual university reunion planned in New York city were curtly turned back at airport customs after a short period in custody; former president elect Khatami is currently touring the US as a VIP in support of Iran's nuclear plans. After his pathetic letter campaign to world leaders including the Pope, current president Ahmadinejad is these days publicly rallying his sheepish rural electoral base in support of the nation’s nuclear agenda.
The ruling mullahs along with bazzar-hajis utilize Ahmadinejad as a public figure to bolster the myth of the nation by showcasing revolutionary rhetoric in rallies and news conferences. Anti-American, anti-Zionist, and anti-Israeli rhetoric serve as the psychological priming of people rallying around the delusion of Iran being a formidable world power as a consequence of nuclear capabilities. A powerful Iran that would be resilient to security and economic uncertainties that could block progress of the nation. Only one obstacle in the here and now is blocking the progress of the Iranian nation; an Islamic Theocracy.
The same state run machinery is also propagating the myth of providence around the nuclear issue. By inciting divine right to nuclear technology within the legal frame work of the international non-proliferation treaty (NPT). This bit of linguistic savvy is evident in the public displays of Iranian negotiators i.e. Hossani, Laranjani, who eloquently argue that within the framework of NPT all nations have a divine right to nuclear technology. Well, who is to argue with God's decree in a political commentary? Though certainly the divine rights of all nations should include first and foremost civil equality and liberties within the frameworks of a legal and responsible judiciary system; i.e. meaning scholars in schools and criminals in jails not the other way around!